We recommend that purchasers order and view a copy of the Title plan before signing a Contract, we can do this on your behalf. You should satisfy yourself as to: 


- The identity of the property;

- The accuracy of the boundary measurements of the property;

- That all buildings and permanent structures are erected within Title boundaries;

- That there are no encroachments on the property from neighbouring properties;

- That boundary fences (if any) appear to be correctly placed; and

- If Strata Titled, that all buildings and permanent structures are shown on the strata plan;


If you have any concerns whatsoever we recommend engaging a surveyor to have a survey carried out. A surveyor will inspect the property, take measurements and provide a report and plan, detailing any fencing encroachments, easement or title details you should be aware of prior to settlement.


We recommend you contact one of the companies listed below that have proven reliable for other clients.


6ty Degrees

W -  |  E -  |  P - (03) 6332 3300

Cohen & Associates

W -  |  E -  |  P - (03) 6331 4633

East Coast Surveying

W -  |  E -  |  P - (03) 6376 1972

PDA Surveyors 

W -  |  E -  |  P - (03) 6331 4099

Woolcott Surveys

W -  |  E -  |  P - (03) 6332 3760






The service was excellent. The staff exceeded their responsibilities. I would not hesitate to use your company again.

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