Usually we will only proceed with our searches and enquiries once your matter becomes unconditional, unless instructed otherwise.

We can order the searches on your behalf prior to you signing a Contract and/or your matter becoming unconditional if you would like us to do so. This is recommended. You can then check the property measurements, any easements or covenants affecting the property etc.  The searches obtained from the Council will only reference those structures that have had building and/or planning permits and approvals.  They will not reference illegal structures that have been erected without permits and approvals.  We therefore strongly recommend that you still contact the relevant Council to order or arrange to view the plans to the property.  You should ensure that all buildings including pergolas, carports, BBQ areas, decks, pools and garages are shown on the plans.  The Council will require written authorisation from the vendor before they will allow you to inspect their records.

The following searches will be ordered or can be upon special request:


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